Phone Number: (520) 281-0356
After office hours: (520) 223-1570
Office Hours: 7:45 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.
Address: 1916 N. Frank Reed Road,
Nogales, AZ 85621

Welcome summer letter

1916 N. Frank Reed Rd. Nogales, AZ 85621   (520)281-0356

A ministry of the First Baptist Church of Nogales


We are so pleased to be partnering with you in your child’s education. Our desire is to help your child achieve academic excellence, develop moral character, and cultivate a heart for loving and serving God as well as others.

Uniforms are required Monday through Thursday; please note the school uniform has been updated as follows:



Navy blue or khaki pants, shorts, skirt, or jumper (No blue jeansNo sweats)



ONLY POLO SHIRTS; solid navy blue or solid white



No spiky hair over 3 inches and no mohawks


Shorts, skirts and jumpers must be mid-thigh length (no short, shorts), all shirts must have sleeves, no spaghetti straps. Shirts must also be completely one color, no logos or words except the school logo.

Adhering to our uniform requirements helps create a positive learning environment and communicates how well we feel about ourselves to others. We also want to instill in our young children the value of modesty. Parents will be called and asked to bring appropriate clothes if students do not come to school dressed appropriately.


An orientation will be scheduled & informed to you. Please plan on attending. The daily schedule, class procedures, curriculum, and other important topics will be discussed. We look forward to seeing you soon.


In His Service,


Suzanne Rodgers, Director


Phone Number: (520) 281-0356


Office Hours: 7:45 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.


1916 N. Frank Reed Road,
Nogales, AZ 85621